3 Benefits of Mobile Charging Stations in Waiting Rooms

3 Benefits of Mobile Charging Stations in Waiting Rooms

Reducing the amount of time your patrons spend in your waiting room can be difficult. But what if you could help enhance their waiting experience? With mobile charging stations you can improve customer satisfaction and promote services of value. Check out three advantages of placing mobile charging stations in your waiting room.

1. Helpful Service
Providing a mobile charging station to waiting customers keeps them charged, connected, and a little less stressed. Instead of sitting and watching the clock, customers can keep up with work or pass the time playing games, reading e-books, and more. All this, without worrying about running down their mobile device’s battery.

2. Useful Partnerships
Expose your customers to services and products that may be of interest to them. A mobile charging station can be branded with details about your business’s latest service offerings, or you can partner with a local business to promote its services.

3. Prominent Messaging
A mobile charging station lets you display a logo or other brand-specific graphics on its surface. Your corporate message will remain front and center for the duration of of your clients’ wait time.

Don’t make your customers wait any longer. Let EPPG help you find mobile charging stations to fit your waiting room. Contact us today to learn more.