5 Inexpensive Ad Strategies Customers Love

5 Inexpensive Ad Strategies Customers Love

People are constantly bombarded with advertising. With commercials on TV, billboards along highways, and print ads in magazines, catchy slogans and jingles constantly fill our minds. The majority of ads merely vie for our pocketbooks, offering us no more than an item to purchase. So it’s refreshing to encounter an advertising strategy that gives us something we need at no cost.

Create a positive reputation for your business by offering a free, helpful service to potential customers. Here are a few inexpensive ad strategies that customers love—a surefire way to bring new business to your door.

Sponsor Local Events

Community involvement is a great way to humanize your business. People trust companies that show they care, so get involved by sponsoring local charities, little league sports, and other local events. The community will appreciate your donation, and your business will gain supporters. If the event is held in a large, open space, consider branding a hot air balloon with your company’s logo and offering free rides. Free entertainment thrills any age group, and your ad will reach everyone who sees it from the ground.

Offer Free Beverages

Depending on the season, provide free coffee and cocoa or water and lemonade to customers waiting for an appointment or visiting your store. Whether temperatures are exceptionally hot or cold, you can give customers a refreshment to help them brave the weather. Remember to replenish your drink dispensers every few hours.

Hold Contests      

Want more attention? Hold multiple drawings or sweepstakes throughout the year. Contests give people a reason to interact with your business, helping you draw traffic that otherwise might not connect with your business. The potential for winning elicits a feeling of excitement—an emotion customers will then associate with your business.

Give Promotional Products   

Make your employees and customers walking billboards for your business by giving away freebies branded with your logo. Promotional products, such as mugs and caps, increase brand recognition for a low price.

Provide a Charging Station

Mobile devices are now essential to everyday life, so people begin to panic when the battery runs low and their cell phone dies. Be the solution to their problem. Brand an electronic charging station with your logo, and place it in a local waiting room or business to provide a service customers need.

Advertise the right way. Offer your customers a free service they’ll appreciate. Let EPPG help you find the right mobile charging stations for your business. Contact us today to learn more.