5 Reasons to Market to Waiting Room Audiences

5 Reasons to Market to Waiting Room Audiences

Want to reach prospects in a way no competitor can replicate? The waiting room is an untapped marketing opportunity for businesses looking to engage an audience. Here are five reasons why promoting your business in waiting rooms is a smart and innovative marketing decision.

  1. Access a Receptive Audience

These days, everyone is constantly on the go. And with more ways than to ever to ignore marketing campaigns—from fast-forwarding through commercials on recorded shows to installing ad blocks on the internet—people find ways to tune out. Fortunately, the waiting room is a distraction-free environment where customers actively seek ways to pass their time. Why not grab their attention with a branded magazine rack stocked with interesting articles they’ll enjoy?

  1. Target Your Demographic

Waiting rooms provide the ideal opportunity to target specific consumer groups. Want to reach parents and children? Market your business at a pediatrician’s office. Hoping to promote a product specifically for females? A gynecologist’s office is the perfect place to find health-conscious women. What about the coveted college-age demographic? University health clinics provide services to thousands of co-eds every year. Find your best audience with the highly targeted atmosphere waiting rooms naturally create.

  1. Attract Appreciative Prospects

How often do you encounter a marketing strategy that gives you something useful at no cost? An E-VIVE charging station branded with your company’s logo or marketing message does just that. Able to charge up to eight devices at once, an EPPG charging station helps you reach more potential prospects at once. Customers will associate your business with the free, helpful service your station provided—an advantage other marketing strategies can’t offer.

  1. Get Instant Credibility

After decades of constant media bombardment, people have become wary and untrusting of marketing schemes. In the age of critical consumerism, people are privy to the false claims made in magazine and commercial advertising. But marketing in a waiting room connects your business with a source they can trust—their doctor. Plus, the branding space available on an EPPG magazine rack or charging station gives you room to market your business in a straightforward way that boosts your credibility.

  1. Build Business Relationships

Marketing in waiting rooms doesn’t just benefit you and prospective customers. It also benefits the businesses that host your branded charging stations and magazine racks in their waiting rooms. Your marketing strategy means better customer service for the business—a perk they’re sure to appreciate. And it establishes a relationship between your business and theirs. Why not partner together to reach the customers you really want?

EPPG is a mutually beneficial solution for you, your customers, and a sponsor location. Let us help you provide a valuable service to prospective clients with a branded charging station or magazine rack. Contact us today to learn more.