5 Ways to Reach Your Customers While They Wait

5 Ways to Reach Your Customers While They Wait

What if you could reach your most valuable customers in the waiting areas of other businesses and organizations? How would you take advantage of that captive audience? Through cross-promotion with local companies, you can get your products and services in front of your best possible clientele. In fact, there are several practical ways to reach them—without added costs to you. Here are five effective approaches.

1. Customizable Charging Station
Almost everyone has a smart phone or portable electronic device. Because people carry them everywhere, they need frequent charging boosts. A waiting room charging station—with the capability to charge up to 95 percent of the electronic phones and devices on the market—is a helpful way to showcase your business logo, message, or products.

2. Personalized Print Collateral
Display your business’s print pieces, such as brochures, flyers, calendars, and business cards, on the reception desk or on the tables in the seating area. These items provide a noninvasive means to approach your prospective customers. Plus, anyone can take home accessible copies of your literature.

3. Customizable Magazine Rack
Instead of being placed in untidy stacks on tables, magazines are more appealing and organized when displayed in an easy-to-browse magazine rack. Combine form and function with a waiting room magazine rack that prominently features your advertisement or company logo.

4. QR Codes
QR codes take up minimal space on printed material and are a clever way to engage your customers. Patrons can simply scan the code with a mobile device, and the code can then take them to your business’s website or a special promotional landing page.

 5. Customizable Magazine Binders
Magazines in waiting areas are susceptible to rips, spills, and other damage, but a sturdy magazine binder can help preserve these publications through repeated use. The best reception room magazine binders offer customizable covers to display your company’s brand, products, or services.

You don’t have to work alone to reach potential customers. EPPG can help you partner with local businesses to cross-promote your products and services. Contact us today to learn more.