6 Easy Ways to Make Waiting Rooms Cozy for Customers

6 Easy Ways to Make Waiting Rooms Cozy for Customers

Sterile, institutional, stark white walls—these are the words commonly associated with a waiting room. No wonder many customers say that a few minutes spent waiting can feel like hours. Make your reception area a comfortable environment that puts patrons at ease while they wait for their appointment. The following ideas will help you transform your waiting room space into an inviting sanctuary.

Purchase Comfortable Chairs

Waiting shouldn’t be painful. Straight-back chairs with cold metal arms cause guests to feel stiff and anxious. Look for plush chairs with soft cushions and moveable armrests. Arrange chairs so customers aren’t uncomfortably close to each other, and add oversize floor pillows to give children space to play.

Remove Glass Partitions

In the waiting room, nothing looks more unwelcoming than a glass barrier between the customer and receptionist. Take down the glass and create a hotel-style receiving area that makes customers feel less like an intruder and more like a pampered guest. Create a separate station where customers can pour a glass of water or tea to give guests a spa-like treatment.

Create a Homey Atmosphere

Emphasize the friendly nature of your business by giving your waiting room a home-likeambiance. Incorporate calming blue or green colors into the décor, and place several table lamps around to emit soft light. If you have the space, a fireplace conjures the feeling of warmth and nostalgia, making customers forget they’re in a waiting room.

Offer Wi-Fi and Charging Stations

Further the feeling of home by giving customers access to the entertainment and search capabilities they enjoy. Provide free Wi-Fi for waiting room guests and electronic charging stations for when their mobile devices run low on battery life.  Showcase your company’s logo on the charging stand, and customers will associate your business with the free, helpful service they received.

Keep the Waiting Room Clean

The waiting room is a prime location for germs, but this fact shouldn’t enter a guest’s mind when they visit your business. Regularly clean surface areas and organize any clutter, including any pamphlets or magazines you provide to customers. Place hand sanitizer and tissue boxes in several locations throughout the room to ease customers’ concerns about germs.

Provide Reading Materials

Who doesn’t love to curl up with a good book or magazine? Give customers several reading options with a bookcase full of variety of genres or a magazine rack stocked with everything from fashion to news. Customers love the opportunity to check out articles from magazines they don’t regularly receive at home.

Make the waiting room an enjoyable experience for your customers. EPPG can help you provide a valuable service to your customers with a branded charging station or magazine rack. Contact us today to learn more.