7 Best Ways to Bring in New Business

7 Best Ways to Bring in New Business

New customers represent fresh opportunities for business and a greater chance for increased sales. But whether your company is starting from scratch or simply stagnating, it can be difficult to bring in new business in today’s competitive climate. We’ve compiled eight high-impact ways to attract the best prospects.

1. Get Them Talking

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways to draw potential customers to your door, and it’s free. Research shows that consumers are 77 percent more likely to buy a product recommended by a friend or family member—making this form of marketing more powerful than traditional or digital marketing. Happy customers get the word out, so get them talking. Ask for referrals and provide incentives to customers who bring in new traffic.

2. Go Where Your Prospects Go

Who is your target audience? And where do they go? For instance, if your business offers a product that’s perfect for high school or college students, make your advertising visible in the library, student union, or other high-traffic areas. Want to increase your impact? Give your prospects something they need. An EPPG charging station offers customers a free way to recharge their mobile devices. Plus, the branded stand draws attention to your business’ products and services.

3. Educate (Not Sell to) Your Customers

These days, people will quickly ignore your message if you’re overselling them. Sales-savvy customers consult reviews and blogs before they make their purchases—not the traditional salesman. Instead of making a hard sell, educate your customers on the benefits of your business. Send out e-newsletters or post helpful tidbits on social media. Offer advice and build relationships with your prospects. Soon, your personal touch will be your biggest selling point.

4. Put Your Business on the Map

Smartphone, tablets, and computers—people use electronic devices to find and research businesses more than any other method. Making your business searchable via Google Maps, Yelp, and other online business directories is crucial to the success of your business. If a customer can’t find you online, your business is essentially invisible.

5. Network Smarter

This tried-and-true method is one of the oldest marketing tactics on the books, but it still works. The key is to make connections with people who are interested in your business. Before attending a networking event, do some research. What type of professionals does this event normally draw? Who will be in attendance? If you know the attendees, make a list of people you want to meet. Don’t get trapped into casual socializing. Instead, stay business-minded and go after those potential leads.

6. Utilize Tradeshows

People come to tradeshows because they want to do business. So make use of this opportunity to spread your marketing message. With thousands of prospects perusing trade show booths, your chance for sales are high. In the days following the exhibit, remember to follow up with booth visitors to answer any lingering questions. Sometimes attendees are hesitant to make a decision during the show and need extra time with you to finalize the sale.

7. Cross Promote

Want to access your best prospects while building business relationships? Cross-promotion is the way to go. Doctors’ and dentists’ offices are full of people looking for something to occupy their time. With a branded magazine rack or charging station, your business reaches new prospects while helping the partnering waiting room improve customer service.

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