About EPPG

Businesses value us. Customers appreciate us.
And advertisers trust us. It’s good to be liked.

We create a marketing opportunity for you to reach your best customers in a competition-free environment.
It’s our job to create partnerships that get the best results for you.

We are pioneers in the marketing industry, who for more than 60 years have been providing a truly unique marketing opportunity to advertisers.

Our expertise in bringing marketers to their ideal customers now includes a new avenue. Our EPPG Charging Stations solutions will quickly charge up to 95% of the phones and devices on the market— including iPads, iPhones, Androids, Kindles and more. For local advertisers, EPPG Charging Stations are an opportunity to connect with customers on a new level. Your customized message will give your marketing the impact you’re looking for. And since EPPG will work to find the best location for your business, you’ll know your marketing dollars are being spent wisely.