The High-Tech Waiting Room

The High-Tech Waiting Room

How would your patients evaluate your waiting room? Is it up-to-date or lagging behind the times? Customers associate technology-driven businesses with innovation, efficiency, and intellect. And as more businesses incorporate digital technology into their interactions with clients, those who don’t will lose out to the competition. If you want to better serve patients, save time, and eliminate waste, follow EPPG’s guide to transform your business with a high-tech waiting room.

  1. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)

Decrease wait time, save paper, and use staff more efficiently with electronic medical records. Mobile, touchscreen devices make it easy for patients to sign in, update their medical information, and make their copayment without waiting in line to speak with the receptionist. EMRs also create better communication between doctors—files and x-rays are sent directly to specialists or other hospitals without delay. Plus, EMRs save patients’ time by eliminating the need to repeat medical information at every office they visit.

  1. Charging Stations

Whether your office decides to use EMRs or not, mobile charging stations are still essential to the modern waiting room. These days, everyone has a mobile device, and everyone needs a place to charge it. And the waiting room is one place people use their smart phones the most. The E-VIVE charging station is compatible with 95% of mobile devices on the market, including iPads and other e-readers. With the ability to charge up to eight devices at once, it can serve a majority of your waiting clients.

  1. Wearable Technology

Encourage patients to sync pedometers and other fitness trackers with your waiting room check-in kiosks or EMRs upon arriving for their appointment. With information about patients’ eating habits, fitness routines, and other health-related measurables, doctors can get an in-depth understanding of their patients’ overall health status. In the future, doctors may even receive alerts when a patient’s vital signs indicate potential life-threatening problems and be able to treat them before the situation grows worse.

  1. Interactive Education

Download informative health apps to educate patients while they’re in the waiting room. With access to information about their diagnoses, prescribed medications, nutrition, and more, patients can take better control of their health. If you don’t have the resources to give every waiting room visitor a mobile device, don’t worry. Most patients carry one with them. Simply direct them to the sites and apps you trust.

Better serve your patients with a high-tech waiting room. EPPG can help you provide a valuable service to your clients with a branded charging station. Contact us today to learn more!