What Does Your Waiting Room Say About Your Business?

What Does Your Waiting Room Say About Your Business?

Your waiting room often makes the first impression on customers, so it should positively reflect your brand, priorities, and values. Depending upon the type of services your business provides, the waiting area may be where customers spend the majority of their visit. In that case, you should ensure that customers receive both first-rate service and positive messages about your business. Here are some easy-to-implement ideas for how to make the most out of your reception area.

A Warm Greeting Goes A Long Way
The reception desk is usually the place where customers will initially interact with your staff, so it’s important to make it a welcoming spot. Make sure the countertop stays free of clutter, but do provide pens for document completion. Also, offering complimentary items such as mints or free product samples generates positive feelings toward your business.

Make Wait Time A Productive Time
In today’s go-go-go society, your customers need to stay in contact with work and family while they wait. According to the latest research on mobile technology, smartphone ownership continues to rise in the U.S., and more consumers are purchasing e-readers, tablet computers, and other electronic devices. So, your customers are highly likely to carry a smartphone or other electronic device with them into your waiting room. To better serve them, place electronic charging stations in your reception area.

Considerate Touches Inspire Loyalty
Add to your clients’ comfort with a refreshment station. No need to provide elaborate barista services. Simply offering a self-serve coffee, tea, or water area can make a big difference in the perception clients have of their waiting experience.

Keep Customers Occupied
Providing reading material in your waiting room can help promote your business and services. Think first of your customers: Are they mostly male, female, or a balance? Children or adults? Consider what magazines are most likely to hold their interests. Be sure to offer a balanced amount of educational and leisure publications to give your clients choices. A branded magazine rack provides an ideal display area for waiting room literature.

Health Matters
No matter your line of business, when people are in and out of a waiting room throughout the day, germs will be a factor. Help customers guard their health by providing hand sanitizer dispensers beside the reception desk and all entrances and exits.

Grow Your Business
Plants bring the tranquility and freshness of the outdoors inside. Consider using live plants that thrive indoors with minimal sunlight. If possible, bring in fresh floral arrangements to display at the reception desk.

Design Essentials
Other elements to consider are the wall and furniture colors, background sounds, and lighting. Choose cool, calming colors such as blues and greens for the upholstery and walls. If you want to play background music, instrumental jazz and classical selections tend to be soothing. Lighting should be adequate but not too harsh. If overhead fluorescent lights are too glaring and it’s not possible to replace them, add a few table lamps throughout the room to create a warmer, friendlier vibe.

Are you ready to make some positive changes in your waiting room? EPPG can help you enhance customer service and promote your business. Contact us today to learn more.